This website provides information about discovery of the biological causes of the major dimensions of personality and intelligence. These discoveries clarify and extend the foundation theories of Pavlov, Eysenck and Hebb so that it has been possible to formulate the first comprehensive account of brain, mind and behaviour relationships. This new knowledge provides the answers to many interesting questions concerning human nature and the human mind.

Would you like to know why some people find it easy to mix with others while some find this very difficult? Have you ever wondered why some people are often anxious and depressed while others are usually relaxed and happy? Would you like to know why some people are good at thinking in abstract terms while others have enhanced powers of perception and better motor skills? Are you interested in understanding the psychological differences between men and women? Have you ever wondered why some people are greedy and selfish whereas others are generous and compassionate? Would you like to know more about the nature and origin of mental illness? Would you like to have a better understanding of yourself and others?

On a more philosophical level, you might have wondered about the nature of knowledge and how it can be acquired. Have you ever thought about what science is? Would you like to know the limitations of science? Are you interested in the ‘mind-body’ problem? Have you ever wondered about the nature of morality and the source of moral values?

This web-site will lead you towards the answers to such questions and to an understanding of the inner universe of the mind that will not be found in any existing texts on philosophy or psychology.

David Robinson, BSc, MSc, DPhil,
Professor of Psychology,
Faculty of Medicine,
University of Kuwait.