MACSim with the JADE extension is provided on this page. Installation instructions can be found in the included README file.

MACSimJX with simple example - Compiled for MATLAB 2009 and 2010 (but provides support for other versions). Once installed (which can be a bit complex), take a look at the simple example to see how you may implement your JADE agents.
[download for MATLAB 2009][download for MATLAB 2010]

MACSimJX using the Boeing 747 model - Only download this when you have installed the above and have the simple example working. It is compatible with any version of Pack A. Examples are included in this pack of agents fusing data from sensors of a Boeing 747 model. Again, as above, you develop your JADE agents, place their class file folder in the same directory as that of the original example, and then run your MATLAB model, JADE and MACSimJX. [download]

jade_3.6.1 - ***Important Note*** The above files currently require JADE 3.6.1, they will throw a serialize error if you try to use a newer version of JADE. I hope this is only a temporary solution and support for all versions of JADE will be available in the near future. [download]

Documentation - This is the API for MACSimJX. It may be viewed or downloaded.

Thesis - Contains a description of the development MACSim with JADE and details about the more complex Boeing 747 agent interactions. [read further]

Advanced downloads - [view]